AMAVI is a 100% Romanian brand, from Oradea, reliable, due to the quality and sustainability of the raw material used, the high-performance technologies and the professional team, with over two decades of experience in the production of knitwear and garments.

Having the bases of the “Mother Company – Mobiente” founded in 1995 in Romania, with a producer profile in the field of high quality knitwear and garments, with over 200 professional employees and involved in foreign production for major international brands in the fashion industry.
The passion for fashion, creativity and experience of over 25 years in the field of knitwear and clothing production, make the AMAVI brand, have all the ingredients to offer a Unique product.

All articles are made in Romania, supporting the country’s economy and offering jobs to over 200 employees.

amavi fashion


AMAVI, was born with the company’s desire to offer the Romanian market the quality and image of major international brands in the field of fashion, at affordable prices.

Our online and offline stores opened their doors in February 2021, offering buyers in Romania the opportunity to wear items made of sustainable natural materials of the highest quality.

amavi store

The brand offers items for women, men and household items, such as blakets and pillows cate made of organic cotton, and will also develop items for children.

The collection includes over 200 models created from special, sustainable yarns and fabrics, of the best quality, products made with attention and passion, so that our client has a pleasant and lasting experience with our product.

The raw material used in making the collections is of the highest quality, using sustainable fabrics and yarns, such as extra fine merino wool, mohair, angora, cashmere, linen, organic cotton.
Natural threads such as wool, alpaca, cashmere, etc. are obtained by the “mulesing-free” technique confirmed by our yarn suppliers.

For us and our suppliers, respectful treatment of animals is a MUST.

The main suppliers of excellent quality raw materials manufactured 100% in Italy and Peru, are spinning mills such as BARUFFA, TOLLEGNO, EMIL COTONI, INCA TOPS.

The cuts are analyzed, measured and created in such a way as to be perfect for our client.

The new collections combine in a unique way, the trends, the cuts, the colors, the prints, with the superior quality of the threads and fabrics used in their realization.

The categories created in the collection are varied, finding items such as dresses, skirts, jackets, pants, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, T-shirts, cardigans, sweatshirts, accessories as well as beds and pillowcases for the home.


The experience of browsing and purchasing on our site is easy, offering our customers real photos and a correct measurement guide to choose the right size.


The delivery of the articles to the client is done in 24 hours, being fast and reliable only on the Romanian territory and we will also develop the delivery in Europe and USA.

We collaborate with reliable delivery companies so that the ordered products reach the customers quickly and safely.


Customer service is our business card, being always available for support, styling tips, returns or any other question you may have.


Payment by card is secure and protected, and returns can be made within 30 calendar days from the date of purchase, by filling in the return form.

At the same time, the exchange of currency and language is easy, being achieved by simply selecting the desired category.